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Quads rental

All year explore the trails bordering the estuary of the Gironde. Come and enjoy this exceptional landscape between land and sea, vineyards, fields and undergrowth. You will take small roads and dirt tracks in the heart of vineyards and pass in small marinas. A hilly and wooded landscape awaits you for excursions accompanied by 1h30 or 3h30. Discovery and sensations will be there!

At St-Fort-Sur-Gironde, on the site of the Château de la Place, you will be welcome by our team. After the signing of the rental agreement, we will accompany you to take possession of your equipment and your quad. Explanations on the rules of security, good behavior and handling will then be transmitted. Everything is finally ready for departure.

Discover the estuary with
family or friends.

Equipment & conditions

The quads are homologated two-seater HYTRACK HY 310 T (275cc), handy, functional and accessible to everyone from 20 years and at least 2 years of motorcycle or car license to present the day of the rental.

Passengers must be at least 6 years old.

The equipment at your disposal includes helmet and charlotte, gloves, petrol and technical assistance.

Foresee a suit of circumstances always arms and legs covered and closed shoes (even in summer!). In case of rain we recommend boots, a waterproof jacket and a change of clothes.

For the equipment made available to you in order to make each driver responsible, a security deposit of 1 500 € and an identity document will be required.

Any material breakage will be the responsibility of the driver, thank you for your understanding.



75 € per quad for 1 driver
+25 € for the passenger or 2nd driver


150 € per quad for 1 driver
+25 € for the passenger or 2nd driver


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